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Termite Infestation in West Deptford, New Jersey- Absolute Exterminating Co. Inc

We are your best defense against bedbugs and termite infestation. The experts at Absolute Exterminating Co. Inc. offer services to meet your needs and budget in the West Deptford, New Jersey, area.

Termite Extermination & Protection That Lasts 10 Years

Termite Extermination & Protection That Lasts 10 Years
Maybe you have seen dark, water-like stains. That's a sign of termites. Let us inspect your home and create a plan of action for pest control. We use a powerful poison that termites distribute throughout the entire colony. To end termite issues, we:
  • Draw a Graph of the Affected Areas
  • Provide You with a Copy of This Graph
  • Drill, Drench, and Rod the Entire Home
  • Use the Most Effective Chemical: Termidor®

Termite Infestation

Termite destruction is extremely prevalent in our area. The swarming begins in the spring when the kings and queens emerge to reproduce.

When you notice this is happening, termites have already been established for 2 to 5 years. It means their shelter tubes have gone undetected either in the exterior or interior of your home.

Bed Bugs

They are from South Africa, but bed bugs are the #1 hitchhiker in the world. They are a huge problem because you are at risk of exposure in any public area. You bring them home without knowing it.

However, bed bugs can be treated. With proven chemicals, we treat the entire life cycle, to ensure that your bed bug infestation is resolved. Call us when you notice:
  • Skin Irritation
  • Unexplained Bites
  • Small Traces of Blood on Sheets

Stinging Pest Control & Removal Services

No one wants to get stung. We spray and dust nests to ensure the infestation is exterminated, and if any member of the colony returns they will be exterminated as well. Get protection against stinging pests, including:
Termite Extermination & Protection That Lasts 10 Years Bees
Their colonies can be quite large in trees or wall voids.
Termite Extermination & Protection That Lasts 10 Years Wasps
Wasps build nests anywhere protected from the weather.
Termite Extermination & Protection That Lasts 10 Years Hornets
They can nest in trees, shrubs, or even in the ground. They deliver multiple stings, and are easily agitated.
Termite Extermination & Protection That Lasts 10 Years Yellow Jackets
Yellow Jackets
Yellow jackets nest in the ground and or in wall voids. Don't disturb their nests.
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